Precision Farming

The Precision Farming team is responsible for sales, service, support, and integration of precision agriculture equipment and data on farms. We break these services into two groups – progressive agronomy services and precision farming technology.

  • Identify the highest value investment in your cropping and feeding enterprises
  • Quantify the impact of improved performance
  • Feed more animals correctly with fewer land, machine, and human resources
  • Understand the dynamics of nutrient needs and placement
  • Build on agronomic science by sharing skilled, personal, local experience

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Precision Agronomy Services

Dairy One offers comprehensive fertility plans designed with the flexibility to meet you where you are today and grow with your business as it progresses. Our progressive agronomy bundle gives you the tools you need to take your agronomy program to the next level.

These bundles include all of the services you need on the cropping side of your operation.

Fertility Management

Soil sampling and fertility recommendations based on field characteristics.

Pest Management

Crop scouting and spray recommendations based on thresholds and field conditions.

Crop Strategy

Recommendations for crop types and variety backed by research and anecdotal evidence.

Sensor Analytics

Analysis of yield, planting, and NDVI data collected by equipment sensors.

All of our progressive agronomy bundles start with a base of essential services:

  • High density grid sampling for 1/3 of your farm every year
  • Variable rate fertilizer recommendations and prescriptions
  • Full farm field maps
  • Full farm fertilizer plan

From there, you can add-on the services that best fit the needs of your farm:

  • Planting data analysis
  • Variable rate seed recommendations
  • Variable rate corn N side dress recommendations based on NDVI imagery
  • Yield data analysis
  • Fertilizer removal maintenance plan
  • Updated field boundaries on all screens
  • Firmware updates

Progressive agronomy bundles are often complimented with additional agronomy services such as:

  • Field zone creation based on topography, electrical conductivity, and yield factors
  • High density, zone, and grid soil sampling using Falcon soil sampler
  • Field crop and vegetable scouting
  • Manure, water, PSNT, and plant tissue sampling

Precision Farming Technology

As farms continue to expand, and technology needs become more complex, the precision farming technology team offers solutions that integrate data systems. Using the skills of this team, farms can get the most out of their advanced precision agriculture systems and can use the information in a way that provides the greatest benefit to their business.

Planter Audits
  • Comprehensive inspection to check for excessive wear, damage, and proper contact
  • Adjustments of settings to ensure optimal performance
  • Identify opportunities for performance improvement
Meter Calibration Services

  • Calibrated for proper singulation using Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense Monitor
  • Recommendations equipment to increase planter efficiency
  • Repair parts and equipment are sold separately. Parts for increased efficiency also available.
Emergence Flag Kits
  • Multicolored flags
  • Process protocol — when to place flags, what data to collect, measurements to make, etc.
  • Data collection forms used to generate financial impact reports and comparative information for complete picture of emergence performance
  • Farms within 2 hrs of Ithaca, NY can have flags placed for additional stop charge
Pogo Analysis
  • Measures singulation, emergence, and placement with 86 line items of data tracking for reports
  • Planter performance and financial impact report
  • Includes three 80 ft runs per field
Flag Harvest Services
  • Stalk harvest
  • In field weights and DM (using NIR4 Farm)
  • Photo and data documentation
  • Financial impact report
  • Only available for farms within 2 hrs of Ithaca, NY

A proud dealer of

Feed Management

  • Analyze feed usage with robust analytics
  • View and track inventory
  • Minimize shrink and loss
  • Integrate with DairyComp for always accurate pen counts
  • Support feeder accuracy and efficiency

FeedWatch allows you to track ingredients and manage inventories. Inventory projections can then be used to manage ingredient deliveries, saving time and money. Use with mixer trucks and wagons, or with stationary mixers and delivery trucks. It also uses wireless communication between the trucks, tractors, and the office.

A unique feature of the FeedWatch system is that cleanout/refusal amounts can be automatically deducted from a pen’s previous day dry matter total. This feed is then utilized as an ingredient or as the flexible filler amount in a load. Tracking feed refusal/weighback and using it to create a ration helps to better utilize inputs and maximize feed usage.

Software for Optimum Feeding Information

  • Develop and monitor multiple rations
  • Forecast and track inventories
  • English/Spanish language capability
  • Customized reports

Advanced Technology

  • Wireless communication or pen drive transfer
  • Super-bright LED exterior display
  • Simple-to-use, one-button scale indicator allows all feed adjustments at the scale

 Customize reports to meet the management style of your operation and to help you fine-tune your feed management system. Reports and graphs can be printed or e-mailed automatically on any schedule you wish (hours, days, weeks, months).

Popular Reports Include:

  • Projected usage report: project future needs and cost
  • Mix error report: customized error tracking
  • Mix or load reports
  • Employee incentive reports
  • Dry matter intake report: adjusted for pen counts, feed dropped, and weigh-backs
  • Feed efficiency
  • IOFC (Income Over Feed Costs)
Feed Mixer Audits

Your feed management software is only as good as the maintenance of your feed management system. Preventative maintenance can help you find the problems before they happen and reduce your downtime.

  • Schedule maintenance for a time that is convenient for your farm
  • Minimize need for multiple days of service with inventory of commonly replaced parts brought to each visit
  • Receive parts and service and avoid emergency charges

The program includes:

  • Meter test of all load cells
  • Bridge resistance, bridge balance, and load percentage test
  • Thorough inspection of all cables and scale heads
  • Known load calibration
  • Visual inspection of the mixer
    • Includes PTO guards, safety shields, draw bar, frame, etc.

The Feed Mixer Audit program is available for feed management software and systems.

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