Precision Farming

The Precision Farming team is responsible for sales, service, support and integration of precision agriculture equipment and data on farms. As farms continue to expand, and technology needs become more complex, the Precision Farming team helps by providing support and offering solutions that integrate data systems. Using the skills of this team, farms can get the most out of their advanced precision agriculture systems and can use the information in a way that provides the greatest benefit to their business.

Precision Agronomy

Develop a business plan from seed to feed allowing you to prioritize investment, increase efficiency, and maximize return on capital.

  • Identify the highest value investment in your cropping and feeding enterprises
  • Quantify the impact of improved performance
  • Feed more animals correctly with fewer land, machine, and human resources
  • Understand the dynamics of nutrient needs and placement
  • Build on agronomic science by sharing skilled, personal, local experience
Agronomy Consulting

Information management is key. High functioning sensing and information systems allow you to focus on getting maximum value out of your land, equipment, and agronomy consultants.  Dairy One keeps these systems up to date, highly functional, and delivering maximum return.

  • Ensure that your sensing and cropping equipment will not fail during critical periods.
  • Focus on using data to plant and fertilize variably in response to field conditions and needs
  • Integrate desktop agronomy applications with vehicle-based equipment
  • Work with a trusted partner with the resources to make data flow from consultant to crop and back
Meter Calibration Services

Annual meter service checks the precision of the seed meter on your planter so that you can plant corn to the exact specifications recommended by your agronomists.

  • Know that when you calibrate a planter for a specific seed delivery, it will deliver
  • Prevent lost seed or growth by planting exactly to agronomist specifications
  • Pro-actively replace worn parts to prevent costly field malfunctions
Pogo Analysis

Pogo analysis is a measurement of corn plant spacing and growth differences between plants across a subset of your corn crop.

  • Clearly identify and quantify inaccuracies in seed drop
  • Calculate the value of improving your planter seed drop performance
  • Identify situations in which seed is wasted

Feed Management



What is FeedWatch?

FeedWatch is a feed management software designed to help you accurately and easily manage your feeding systems. FeedWatch monitors feed usage, sales, purchasing, intake, and costs, and can even interface with Dairy Comp 305 herd management software for detailed information on pens and individual animals.

FeedWatch can be used with mixer trucks and wagons, or with stationary mixers and delivery trucks. It also uses wireless communication between the trucks, tractors, and the office.

Increase Profitability
Prices of feed ingredients are continually increasing. With the cost of feed being near double what it was just a decade ago, capturing the feed value of every pound of dry matter purchased is an essential part of dairy profitability. FeedWatch allows you to track ingredients and manage inventories. Inventory projections can then be used to manage ingredient deliveries, saving time and money.

A unique feature of the FeedWatch system is that cleanout/refusal amounts can be automatically deducted from a pen’s previous day dry matter total. This feed is then utilized as an ingredient or as the flexible filler amount in a load. Tracking feed refusal/weighback and using it to create a ration helps to better utilize inputs and maximize feed usage.

A touchscreen scale indicator is mounted on a feed truck or wagon and uses proven radio frequency (RF) technology for live communication between the mixer and office. User friendly software monitors feed use, sales, purchasing, animal intakes and cost. The package combines feed management, inventories, and feed labor for better control of your overall feeding system. Other features include the ability to customize and graph reports, provide user security levels and forecast and track feed inventories.

Software for Optimum Feeding Information

  • Develop and monitor multiple rations
  • Forecast and track inventories
  • English/Spanish language capability
  • Customized reports

Advanced Technology

  • Military-grade, wireless radio communication
  • Super-bright LED exterior display
  • Simple-to-use, one-button scale indicator allows all feed adjustments at the scale

FeedWatch Hardware

The FeedWatch touchscreen indicator provides a clear, easy to use screen to allow the feeding staff the ultimate in control and usability while preparing and delivering feed.  The FeedWatch system gives feeders and managers the ability to handle all types of feeding scenarios, from the most basic to the most complicated.

The “high bright”, 12 character LED Feed Watch display is unique within the industry. The size and brightness make ingredients easy to see from great distances, even in direct sunlight. This allows FeedWatch to give English or Spanish instructions to the feeder using names of ingredients and even the location.

The radio frequency (RF) modems provide a reliable wireless connection between the mixer(s) and the office computer. The Feed Watch software runs in the background and automatically coordinates this data transfer in real time.

There are many reports to choose from. They can be filtered or altered to meet your specific needs. Customized reports can also be created to meet the management style of your operation and to help you fine-tune your feed management system. Reports and graphs can be printed or e-mailed automatically on any schedule you wish (hours, days, weeks, months).

Popular Reports Include:

  • Projected usage report: project future needs and cost
  • Mix error report: customized error tracking
  • Mix or load reports
  • Employee incentive reports
  • Dry matter intake report: adjusted for pen counts, feed dropped, and weigh-backs
  • Feed efficiency
  • IOFC (Income Over Feed Costs)

Developed and Supported by Industry Leaders

Valley Ag. Software (VAS): developers of Dairy Comp 305

Dairy One: superior customer service and support

Dairies located in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions of the United States, contact the Dairy One, Integrated Farming Solutions group at 607-375-9963 or e-mail: Dairies located outside these areas, please contact Valley Ag. Software.

Mixer Preventative Maintenance

Mixer Preventative Maintenance

Your feed management software is only as good as the maintenance of your feed management system. Preventative maintenance can help you find the problems before they happen and reduce your down time.

  • Schedule maintenance for a time that is convenient for your farm
  • Minimize need for multiple days of service with inventory of commonly replaced parts brought to each visit
  • Receive lower cost parts and service and avoid emergency charges

The program includes:

  • A meter test of all load cells
  • Bridge resistance, bridge balance, and load percentage test
  • Thorough inspection of all cables and scale heads
  • Known load calibration
  • Visual inspection of the mixer
    • Includes PTO guards, safety shields, draw bar, frame, etc.

The Dairy One Feed Management PM program is available for a variety of feed management softwares and systems and is not just limited to Feed Watch customers. Feed Management PM is also available for a variety of scales:

  • Digi Star
  • Trioliet
  • Kuhn
  • Knight
  • Weigh Tronix
NIR4 Farm

NIR4 Farm

NIR4 Farm is a small, portable NIR spectrometer with industry leading calibrations for real-time forage intelligence. This allows for more informed decisions to be made regarding feed composition and on the spot dry matter corrections. NIR4 Farm uses calibrations from the Dairy One Forage Laboratory and is supported by Integrated Farming Solutions.