Dairy One offers sales and support of major herd and feed management software.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence Livestock Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence monitoring systems collect and analyze critical data points. Allflex systems deliver actionable data on every individual cow and groups – delivering the heat, health, nutrition, and well-being insights farmers need, when they need them.

BoviSync Herd Management Software

Are you ready for what’s next on your dairy? BoviSync is more than a traditional herd management software. BoviSync is clean, intuitive, and emphasizes the value of moving through cow chores with ease, precision, and speed.

Feedlync Feeding Management Software

Feedlync is a modern management tool for progressive farmers. With minimal setup time and an intuitive app, Feedlync is an easy-to-use tool for feeding dairy cows. Using three simple components, farms can start using this system in under an hour.


PCDART is a dairy herd management software developed through DRMS Raleigh. It integrates with the DRMS Records Processing system and is most suitable for medium-sized dairies with a strong orientation toward registered cattle.

Software Support Resources

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    Laurelbrook Farm in East Canaan, CT is home to 1,300 cows and four generations of the Jacquier family. Shelby Jacquier returned to the farm in the spring of 2020, joining her brothers; her uncle, James “Cricket” Jacquier; and her grandfather, Pete Jacquier. While it wasn’t her intention to return to the farm after college, she…