AllFlex Livestock Intelligence Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence (ALI) is at the forefront of animal monitoring technology. The ALI cow monitoring systems, formally SCR, provide a variety of options that allow farms to more efficiently manage reproduction, health, nutrition, cow comfort, and labor.

  • Improve heat detection
  • Early detection and interventions for sick cows
  • Group and herd level rumination and eating time
  • Vital information, in real time, without having to interrupt cow routines
  • Consistent and objective cow status eliminates variability of manual processes

These systems also interact with herd management software to gather important information about your herd through on-farm networks. Working with a vendor who can service all three pieces will ensure that any system downtime is minimized, and your service needs are met by a professional team. Farms using ALI technology on their operations or are looking to use this technology, can receive support from the Dairy One Integrated Farming Solutions team.