CattleEye is a complete system that can identify cows with locomotion problems. Quicker identification gets cows on a hoof trimming program sooner and results in healthier cows that are more productive and profitable.  

Using a camera and RFID reader, CattleEye identifies, records and scores cows walking out of the milking parlor. This scoring data is stored on CattleEye but can be integrated into your herd management system. After identifying cows with lameness issues, they are moved into a hoof trimming program for immediate attention. 


  • Identify exception cows for immediate attention  
  • Integrate data into current herd management software 
  • Build lameness history for better hoof management 
  • Maximize the benefit of hoof trimming
  • Easy to install, affordable and reliable

CattleEye requires minimal equipment set up in the barn. There needs to be an Internet connection, a camera installed over the exit lane of the milking parlor, and RFID tags on your cows. Recordings and data are uploaded to CattleEye Insights for you and your team to review. 

Technology Benefits: 

  • Review CattleEye data on a mobile app 
  • Introduce minimal change into current operations 
  • Monitor lame cows and receive consistent scoring 
  • Interfaces with your existing herd management software

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