Dart is a dairy herd management software developed through DRMS Raleigh. It integrates with the DRMS Records Processing system and is most suitable for medium-sized dairies with a strong orientation toward registered cattle.

Like other herd management software programs, Dart allows the user to enter data and retrieve work lists. There is also some flexibility in creating individual work lists as well as a number of reports to allow an overall assessment of the herd.

Other Dart features include:

  • A selection of over 600 database items for each cow
  • Current lactation information on every cow
  • Genomic data merged with performace data
  • Trackers to identify trends and track performance, available
  • Semen inventory & sexed semen analysis
  • Interface to most major milk and activity systems
  • Pocket Dairy pocket PC program for Android devices
  • Comprehensive inventories, projections, and summaries
  • Different versions for producers, consultants and heifer growers
  • Experienced support staff


  • Successfully used in herds with more than 14,000 animals
  • Track trends for activities, heifer herd, conception, and maternity
  • Create summaries, graphs, or histograms to see current herd performance
  • Manage DHI data to get quick, specific answers to what is making or breaking your herd’s profitability
  • Generate to-do list triggered for each animal to easily manage daily chores or protocols

Getting Started

The first step in beginning Dart is to tell us a little about your dairy business. We want to know who you are, what kind of hardware you are using, and what herd management work lists and management parameters are important to you. Please complete the Dart questionnaire and return it to us.

View/print Dart Questionnaire


The PocketDairy Android app gives you vital cow statistics for production, reproduction and udder health. A swipe of the screen reveals lifetime health, vaccination, and protocol history. You get unique items like Hold Meat and Hold Milk alerts. View quick action lists for vet check, breeding, dry off, and calving. Filters make it simple to use.

You can also enter data cowside. A few taps will make a group change; add a dry, calving, bred, or left date; put in vet check or recheck codes, and much more. You can also use a wand to enter ID, check groups, and create work lists as PocketDairy Android is RFID compatible. Use Group Check to easily confirm if animals are in the wrong group or missing. Quick syncs with Dart keep data updated as often as needed.