SenseHub Activity Monitoring

SenseHub is a powerful tool for dairy farms. The monitoring system brings more certainty and efficiency to farms by creating a comprehensive picture of cow status across the production cycle. It allows for timely intervention to improve reproduction, health, nutrition, and welfare.

Accurate Heat Detection

Real-time, actionable insights eliminate guesswork and inconsistency, reduce skilled labor requirements, and save valuable time. With unmatched heat detection accuracy and precise insemination guidance farms can reduce calving intervals, improve animal productivity, and advance herd genetics.

Improve health and productivity

SenseHub’s monitoring application can alert you to cows that may need further attention due to the risk of developing health problems, often before clinical signs become visible or productivity drops. With vital insight including during high-risk times such as post-calving, farms can make informed decisions in consultation with veterinarians to help avoid physical deterioration and reduce treatment costs.

Group-level insights for herd-wide nutrition and well-being

SenseHub’s group monitoring applications can help farms understand health, comfort, nutrition, heat stress, and other essential information. Group data informs the response to immediate issues and guides longer-term planning to improve herd-wide nutrition, well-being, and productivity.

This system integrates into other herd management software systems. Farms can choose from ear tags or neck collars to be placed on their cows. Electronic ID tags are necessary for the sorting gate automation.