About Soil Laboratory

As an information technology organization, our goal is to bring data and information back to the farm for profit-making decisions. Determining the nutrient content of your soil will provide you with the background information necessary to determine what crops will thrive best and the amendments needed to optimize growth. Follow this with a manure analysis to determine the nutrients that you can readily supply from the farm and minimize your purchased fertilizer costs. As a final test, plant tissue analyses can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify nutrient excesses or deficiencies.

Ordering Sampling Supplies

There are 3 ways to order sampling kits

  1. Order directly from our online store.
  2. Email [email protected]. Be sure to include your account number and/or name, street address and daytime phone number plus items and quantity needed. Specify the type of sample information sheet needed.
  3. Call 607-252-7540. Have your account number ready. If you get the supply voicemail, leave a detailed message including account number, shipping address and quantity of kits needed.


Services are paid for as you use them. Payment can be made by personal check, credit card or billed to an existing Dairy One account. Customers who expect to submit more than 50 samples per year (a total of 50 soil, manure, forage, water, etc) can set up an account by contacting forage customer service at 607-375-9962. There is no need to pay in advance, but customers can put money on account if desired.

Prepaid Cornell kits will be honored. Dairy One will bill Cornell for services rendered.

Customer Drop Off at Dairy One, 730 Warren Road, Ithaca NY

All samples can be dropped off directly at Dairy One. Samples can be left at the drop off box located at the loading dock. 

Certification Stamps for Dairy One Soil Laboratory

Call or email our customer service department if you have questions about ordering supplies, shipping and handling. Email [email protected] or call 607-375-9962.