Forage Analysis Kit


Includes a plastic sample bag(s) for packing the sample, a sample submission form, and a pre-addressed postage-paid return envelope. Up to 5 samples can be submitted using the Multiple Kit. Kits are shipped to you free of cost but are charged a fee when processed by the lab. Please indicate shipping method on the sample submission form and add the appropriate shipping fee to your total cost.



Kits are sent to you free of cost. When submitting samples, please indicate the shipping method used to send to the lab and include the corresponding price with your total analysis cost.

Single Sample Mailer (max 1 sample)- $7

Multiple Samle Mailer (max 5 samples)- $14

UPS Ground- $8.00

UPS 2 Day Air- $21.00

UPS Next Day Air- $28.00

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