The Many Hats of Jennifer and Jyll

When the Dairy One center in Ithaca officially comes to life at 8 am every morning, Jennifer (pictured right) and Jyll (pictured left) assume their respective positions as Receptionist and Administrative Support/Graph Design. They take their places at the front desk, greeting anyone who walks through the front door and directing them to where they need to go. They are also taking calls from customers, vendors, and even remote employees, connecting them to the appropriate person within the company. Jennifer is helping to meet the customer service and data entry needs of the day and Jyll is ensuring that any groups coming in for meetings are taken care of. While the outside eye may see them as the reception team, those of us who spend our day at the center know much better. If Dairy One is a puzzle made up of many pieces, Jennifer and Jyll are the table we are all put together on.

Before taking her position at the front desk, Jennifer worked in forage data at Dairy One where she provided customer service to our feed and forage customers. This makes her a great resource to customers dropping off samples for the Ithaca lab. Jennifer is also to thank for the coordination of outside events that Dairy One attends. Not only does she update the calendar on the website so customers know where to find us, but she also is responsible for internal coordination of trade show supplies and equipment. She is constantly receiving fulfillment requests for brochures and handouts, which are often filled before I’ve even had a chance to open the email request. She is my go to person for printer and mailing questions and once saved me from licking 150 envelopes (who knew there was a machine for that?). Additionally, she manages annual contracts for Accounting and ACS, as well as assisting the milk lab, transportation, and HR with other regular projects.

If you’ve ever visited the office for a meeting, you can thank Jyll for making sure you were well fed and equipped with any supplies you needed. She coordinates all of our inhouse and company events, is responsible for making sure we have plenty of supplies (this includes milk and coffee), and is the onsite event and headshot photographer. Outside of this, she is the go to resource for any and all advertising requests. In addition to designing advertisements, Jyll also is responsible for the design of any graphics, brochures, and handouts used at Dairy One. There are not many projects that I work on without the help of Jyll’s skilled design eye, and I’m not the only one seeking her advice. People are always stopping by her desk for an opinion on font or color. Jyll has been with Dairy One for 16 years and is always willing to share her experience and knowledge with those who are newer to the company.

So maybe you don’t make it into the office much, or even call us on the phone. You have still experienced the fruits of Jennifer and Jyll’s labor. Are you a CAFO/LFO/MFO client of ACS? Those beautiful binders you receive each year are assembled by our very own Jennifer and Jyll. The manure logs you rely on to keep record of manure spreading? Much of that data is carefully entered by Jennifer. Have you ever received a newsletter from a Dairy One business? Read our Improver page in Country Folks? Seen a Dairy One advertisement in a publication? Been recognized as a Dairy One Quality Milk award winner? Jyll is the design genius and formatting guru behind all of those finished products.

Jennifer and Jyll are the foundation of much of what we do at Dairy One. They connect our customers to the appropriate resource within the company, and they connect those within the building to each other. They are the friendly faces and voices that greet our customers, but also the hard work and talent that supports the day to day tasks at the center. Anyone at the center could name more than one time that Jennifer or Jyll has been a huge asset on a project or event. They are reception and administrative support, but they are always willing to put on whatever hat necessary to get the job done.