The area that Dairy One services for DHIA testing spans from Maine to Ohio, down to West Virginia and Virginia. It is broken into six markets that we refer to as Markets 10, 11, 12, 15, 16 and 17. Last week all six Market Managers were in town for their annual planning meeting where they could address challenges for the coming year, set goals for their markets, and share best practices and radical ideas that would inspire them to have a successful year in 2018.

One of my favorite aspects of the Dairy One Market Manager team is that they were all once Dairy One DHIA technicians themselves. Not only do they know first-hand about the hard-work, early mornings, and dedication it takes to be a successful DHIA technician, they still find themselves filling in these roles on occasion. If there’s ever a technician that is unable to test a farm for whatever reason, or a larger farm requires more technicians for a test day than what are available, the Market Manager steps in. These folks have done the job they ask their teams to do and often can be found testing right alongside them.

Do you know who the Market Manager is for your market? If you’re living in Maine, Northern New Hampshire, Northern/Western Vermont, or Northern New York, you are a part of Market 10 which is managed by Carol Benway. Market 11, managed by Steve Wilson, consists of Eastern Vermont, Central/ Southern New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and South-Eastern New York. George Glover is the Market Manager of our smallest market, Market 12, which consists of Central New York and a few counties in Northern Pennsylvania. The Central and eastern Pennsylvania area fall in Darren Little’s Market 15 and the remainder of Pennsylvania and Ohio are in Market 17, managed by Stacie Jowdy. Chuck Yeager manages the warmest market, Market 16, which includes New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and parts of Virginia, West Virginia, and Southern Pennsylvania.

This group of managers ranges in experience from about 10 to almost 50 years with Dairy One. Though their experiences may vary, they share a passion for our business, commitment to our customers, and pride in their technicians. Much of last week’s meeting was spent brainstorming ways that the Dairy One Field Technician team could continue to provide value and service to farms despite the rocky conditions of the milk market. Market Managers also advocated for ways they could better support their employees and gather ideas and feedback from the field technicians themselves. Most importantly, the team shared goals and ideas for ways that they could better improve their own work and better support and service their markets.

There are many things in our day to day lives that we cannot directly control, such as the weather or the price of milk. While these types of things can put a damper on motivation and are easy to get wrapped up in, the focus of this group of Market Managers is the things that are in their control. Staying positive, providing clean records and timely service, engaging farms to discover ways Dairy One can help meet their needs, supporting employees, and working together as team.

If you’re interested in setting up DHIA testing for your herd or exploring ways Dairy One can help bring more value to your business, check out our Service Area Map and contact your designated Market Manager. Interested in working for this awesome team? Check out our Current Openings.