What Dairy One is Thankful for on Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is often a time to reflect on things that people are thankful for. This year, Dairy One has a lot of things on our list, and we thought it would be fun to share them.

The Superb Staff

Our team of employees provides a variety of services to customers. Without them, many things would not happen every day at Dairy One. Let’s look at what each team accomplishes throughout the year.

Our Laboratory Technicians across the Milk, Forage, Soil, Animal Health Diagnostic, and Check Mark Laboratories work together to receive samples, analyze them, and report back to customers. They learn how to use a variety of instruments as well as the tests available to a wide range of industries. As a team, they review results to check for anomalies and other inconsistencies.

The DHI Field Technicians had been responding to how dairies are growing and joining up as a larger team to complete milk testing. On an individual level, they still perform milk testing by themselves, gather reports for farms, and meet with dairy farmers if they have specific requests or needs.

Within the Integrated Farming Solutions group, team members work on installing technology on all different size farms. They troubleshoot issues, match a farm’s unique needs, and provide support when technology breaks down. In addition, they are constantly learning new solutions that will improve how a farm will operate day to day.

The Agricultural Consulting Services team is split into two groups. One group focuses on field work such as gathering soil samples, mapping fields, and scouting them for pests. The other team works on providing CAFO plans, recommendations for nutrient management, and assisting with environmental regulations.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, there are other team members that support these business units. The Accounting, Human Resources, and facilities and maintenance teams all serve the teams mentioned above when also doing their own workload which ranges from mapping budgets for the year to installing a new instrument in a laboratory. The IT team keeps all internal software and computer systems running, and the Marketing department creates materials for the sales team while also promoting all of Dairy One’s services across a wide variety of mediums.

Dairy One would be nothing without these individuals and their teamwork.

The Customer Community

While Dairy One’s employees are the framework of the business, the customers are what keep our doors open. Our teams get excited when customers reach out to them for help with any of our services. We never know what each day will bring to our teams. Whether it’s helping with adding a new herd management software to their farm, testing a soil sample before planting an orchard, or checking their milk samples to see if a cow is pregnant, our employees know to stay on their toes.

New Partnerships and Opportunities

The past year has brought many new opportunities to Dairy One. We’ve partnered with numerous companies within our Integrated Farming Solutions team. These partnerships include CattleEye, RealmFive, BoviSync, and Feedlync. These new services have greatly enhanced dairies across the Northeast.

Our Laboratories have also experienced changes this year. The Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory added a new test for a milk sample – screening for Mycoplasma bovis. The Forage Laboratory continued to expand its feed and forages it tests for, while also building our Affiliate Laboratory network to provide calibrations and services across the globe. Meanwhile, in the Milk Laboratory, the team added an additional instrument to test more milk samples and branched out into testing more finished dairy products.

All these opportunities improve not only Dairy One but how we serve our customers.

The Face-to-Face Conversations

One of the many aspects of Dairy One employees enjoy is meeting with customers. Whether it’s a DHI Technician speaking with a farmer after completing a test day or a Lab Technician answering a question about analytical services, the team looks forward to helping the people who benefit from our services.

2023 provided many opportunities to meet with customers from industry events to educational seminars, we saw a lot of familiar faces this year and added new ones as well. In January, the Integrated Farming Solutions team spoke with members of the Northeast Dairy Producers Association about herd management tools. During the summer months, Agricultural Consulting Services employees spoke with farmers after scouting crop fields. At the World Dairy Expo, Forage Laboratory individuals met with customers from across the globe. In addition, Dairy One began to participate in podcasts, especially Dairy Business’s Dairy Voice series.

While Dairy One did increase the number of customers visited this year, the team is looking forward to expanding these opportunities in 2024.

There are many other things that Dairy One is thankful for this holiday season, but our staff, customers, new opportunities, and the chance to meet with people are themes throughout this list. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. If you have any questions about the services offered by Dairy One, visit our contact page.