What Do a Corn Plant and Ice Cream Have in Common? Connecting What Dairy One Does for Farms

Driving along the roads right now you will see planters in the field and ice cream stands opening up. What do corn plants and ice cream have in common? They’re products of a dairy farm. But they are also examples of products that visit Dairy One.

Before we get into Dairy One’s role with these products, let’s talk about how corn and ice cream are created on a farm. First, they both benefit from two things cows produce milk and manure. Milk is one of the main ingredients in ice cream. Whereas manure is applied to corn fields to help with the crop’s growth. The corn is then fed to cows to start the cycle of milk and manure production. Another example of how dairy farmers recycle materials all the time.

Now, where is Dairy One’s role in corn and ice cream? Our DHI Field Technicians collect milk samples for component analysis, which farmers and milk production plants need to ensure that it can be made into ice cream. Ice cream production plants send samples of ice cream and other finished products to Dairy One to check that there aren’t bacteria present in them. Once it has received the all-clear, then the ice cream can move to store shelves. Production plants continuously send in samples for testing to make sure that their equipment is clean and to check the ingredients within the ice cream.

As far as corn plants are concerned, Dairy One’s Forage and Soil Labs play a big part in its success. The Forage Lab performs Corn Stalk Nitrate Test (CSNT) and analysis testing in the fall to check the nutrients present in it, which nutritionists need to make a cow’s food diet. The Soil Lab looks at the soil that the corn is grown in and provides recommendations that make sure that the plant has enough nutrients to grow in it. The Forage Lab also conducts testing on manure too to see what the nutrient levels are in it so that farms can make the proper adjustments to other fertilizers that need to be added to a field.

Agricultural Consulting Services (ACS), a subsidiary of Dairy One, provides soil sample collection for crop fields, it also can scout them. They scout these fields for the presence of pests, map fields for the farms, and check the growth of the corn throughout the spring and summer months. Working with farms, they track the success of each year’s yield to see if different growing plans affect the crop performance.

There are many ways that corn plants and ice cream are connected in the dairy industry. Both products are the result of the hard work that farmers and cows put into their work. Dairy One is also connected to these products and works to help farms be successful in their management of them.