What’s in a name?

Most of you are familiar with the Farm Service Technician, or DHI Field Technician label. Some of you may even remember a time when we referred to the person who showed up at the farm, collected milk samples, recorded important data, tagged the calves, and left reports for them to use as a “tester”. The job also included running equipment with nasty chemicals and then performing computations of the results to provide the complete record of each cow to date. It was a process that spanned both milkings, often with a shared meal in between, and at times an overnight stay. The lab work and the hand computations both made the title “tester” a comfortable fit.

While these are the titles we have grown familiar with over the years, the position and job of these individuals has evolved, much like the industry. The process of gathering milk samples and gathering data has become much more streamlined, no longer spanning multiple milkings or requiring an overnight stay. Equipment for both milking the cows and collecting the samples is far easier to use and maintain. Technology has allowed for the efficient recording of information, leading to fine-tuned record management and more sophisticated on-farm reporting. No longer is the Dairy One employee collecting milk samples from your herd just a “milk tester”. This individual is helping you to measure your herd performance, providing you with broader and more valuable information to help better manage your farm.

For this reason, we have changed the title of the person who fills this role to Dairy Records Service Specialist. Dairy, the first word in Dairy Records Service Specialist describes the industry we work in. Records are the result we are prepping for once all the data is collected, samples are analyzed, and the information is reported back to the farm. Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone. Specialist is a person highly skilled in a specific field.

While their job title may be different, the highly skilled and dedicated individual who shows up on your farm each month has not changed. While they may not be spending the night or having dinner with your family, they are likely a valued member of your farm. They are passionate about finding opportunities to help improve the way you manage your herd.

Regardless of what we call them, the Dairy Record Service Specialists at Dairy One have always been, and a continue to be, a foundational piece of our business as well as yours.

Any questions regarding this title change or our DHI services can be directed to DHIArecordservices@dairyone.com or 800.344.2697.