Feedlync Feeding Management Software

Feedlync by Cow Connect is a modern management tool for progressive farmers. With minimal setup time and an intuitive app, Feedlync is an easy-to-use tool for feeding dairy cows. Using three simple components, farms can start using this system in under an hour. 

The benefits of Feedlync include: 

  • Real-time adjustments. Changing ingredients to your rations can be done from your phone. Updates are automatically applied to the next feeding or, depending on Internet service, during the current feeding. 
  • Dry Matter weather corrections. Feedlync makes forage dry matter adjustments easy. Operators can respond to weather changes directly from the feeding app. You can check upcoming weather, and then make adjustments within the app. 
  • Easy, Clear Reporting. Feedlync includes a variety of reports that can be customized for your dairy. These reports can be organized on a dashboard and easily shared with your management team. One part of reporting that is helpful to farmers is flagging when an ingredient wasn’t included on a particular day, which can be useful when tracing fluxes in either animal health or milk production. 

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This component of Feedlync helps track feed inventory, commodity/feedstuff deliveries and harvest data. Scalelync works with a farm’s truck scales to capture weights. Drivers use a mobile app or tablet in the scale house to record weights. Scale weights then are translated into inventory amounts automatically. These numbers can be set up in the reporting feature to help with ordering decisions as well as ration selections. The ease of reports and data organization allows you to monitor shrink and anticipate reordering. 


Silolync increases accuracy and reduces feeder errors by automating control of augers and pumps to add ingredients to mixes. Used along with Feedlync, this feature allows the feeder to choose the ingredient to add by pressing a button in the Feedlync app, and Silolync turns bin augers on and off to ensure that the exact amount needed is added to the mix. The result is fewer errors, more accurate mixes, and better control of your feeding operation. 

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